About us

The NaMaximum project

WHY did it all come about / HOW it all works / WHAT we offer ?


because we believe that everyone should have access to nutrition and its supplements in TOP quality for AFFORDABLE money that reflects its true value.

The accelerated pace of life today brings with it an increased amount of stress and rises the demands of the human body on the quality of nutrition. Heightened pressure on quality nutrition is accompanied with a huge variety of new brands of nutritional supplements, massive marketing campaigns and strong competition, which often comes with forced decrease in production costs or an upsurge in the final prices of nutritional supplements. In the feverish struggle for the customer, nutrition producers and distributors thus ignore the most important thing - a person who deserves to improve the quality of their life with the right nutrition for the affordable money.

We have faith that with love, unrelenting endeavour and an approach that denies the current Status Quo, we can return an advantageous access to quality supplementary nutrition for fair money to achieve top priorities in the fitness and wellness sector.

THEREFORE, we entered the market with our project called NaMaximum.


as straightforward as possible - from production directly to the customer.

A number of recently launched brands of nutritional supplements have their products custom-made by better-known or lesser-known producers. Brands that rely on the custom production of nutritional supplements rely on purchase prices and quality set by the manufacturers themselves. However, the resulting products often differ only in packaging, marketing, or the quality of supply structures.

We do it differently! Instead of investing in irritating marketing, we direct our investments primarily to our own manufacture. Our own production gives us space to oversee the quality of the whole production process, we have our own control over the optimization of the prices of final products without the necessity to save on the quality of raw materials. The composition of our products is always based on trustworthy studies, so it does not follow current trends, rather it follows expertise and facts.

In addition, we ship orders either directly from the factory or from our logistics centre directly to your home! 

No distributors = no surcharges on products.

It's not an easier way, but it's the only way to do things our way to fulfil our “WHY”.


everything your diet requires.

We are continually expanding our offer, thus developing the most comprehensive portfolio of healthy supplements under our own brand on the market. Our focus does not end with supplements for bodybuilders, our offer will appeal to everyone from students, home moms, hurried people from offices, or seniors to professional athletes. Currently, our range includes more than 700 products, so we have divided our offer under 3 brands for easier orientation.


Nutritional supplements and food in their purest form, without artificial colorants, without GMOs, without unnecessary fillers and thickeners. In the offer of the Natural Nutrition brand, you will find many types of protein powders, carbohydrates, fats, amino acids themselves, stimulants and much more. Our offer also includes products that you will find only with us nowhere else!

This brand is aimed at everyone who wants to have total control over the composition of nutritional supplements thanks to the option of buying the raw materials themselves, which are used in the formation of complex nutritional supplements. 

With Natural Nutrition, you have the opportunity to mix your own effective blends to boost your performance.

Their effectiveness is limited only by your experience and imagination!


Supplements from this range offer comprehensive and extremely tasty solutions to performance deficiencies or shortcomings in supplementation. Any problems with concentrating? With muscle gain or effective fat loss? Lack of energy or impaired regeneration? Training lethargy? Sore joints and attachments? We have solutions! 

The offer is dominated by excellent protein powders, from slower sources to professional, enzymatically cleaved whey peptides. However, you can also find a wide range of herbal extracts, apoptogenic mixtures and herbs from Ayurveda, enzymes, joint nutrition ingredients, etc.

Warrior is not the warrior who will defeat everyone, but the one who can triumph over its yesterday's self and develop today a little more than yesterday! 

A warrior is one who works on himself even when no one sees him!


In the offer of another of our brands, you will find mostly high-quality natural products in 100% BIO quality. Under the BioMedical brand, we also offer several quality nut butters, coconut and cocoa fats as well as popular body-cleansing, green products such as spirulina, young barley, chlorella, but also Ayurvedic adaptogens in powder form.

The brand is designed especially for people who prefer the most natural form of nutrition in its organic form.

Nature will always find its way to you!


As we invest a large part of our revenue in new production processes, every single customer becomes a part and illusory sponsor of our project. By purchasing from us, you have merit in the fact that we will be able to continue to improve and expand our services and offer!

Keep Moving Forward.