Atkins Diet

This world-famous low-carbohydrate diet was created by Dr. Robert Atkins, who himself had overweight problems. The concept of a low-carb diet was based on a theory that overweight people consume too much carbohydrates. The human body burns both fats and carbohydrates, but preferably carbohydrates. By reducing carbohydrate intake and introducing a protein-rich diet, the body begins to draw energy from stored fat and thus lose weight. This phenomenon is called ketogenesis and the body is in a state of ketosis. This means that your body gets its energy from ketones, short carbon fragments that are formed during the breakdown of stored fat. In the state of ketosis, you feel less hungry and thus eat less than usual. As a result, your body goes from a state where it burned carbohydrates to a state of fat burning, that is, a state of weight loss. The bottom line is that dieting doesn't require calorie counting.

The diet plan allows you to eat foods that are mostly forbidden in most diets such as eggs, cheese (not just diet!), or red meat. You can also use butter, mayonnaise or olive oil for cooking. Naturally, foods containing carbohydrates - pastries, white rice, pasta or potatoes - are prohibited.

The diet consists of 4 phases, each of which requires workout as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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