Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet was created by French doctor Pierre Dukan more than ten years ago, originally as a treatment for obese people. It is currently one of the most popular diets not only in France, popular among celebrities, models and people around the world. It is a four-phase diet based on increased protein intake - key during all phases. Carbohydrates are completely eliminated in the first phase. In subsequent stages, they are added gradually in small amounts. Vegetables are also allowed in the second phase. The interesting thing is that you can determine the length of the first phase yourself, according to your needs. You can also eat as much as you want, anytime and without counting calories, as long as of course you only eat pure protein. The diet requires twenty minutes of exercise a day to begin.

The motivation is that you will lose weight during the first week.

Why are protein intake and carbohydrate and fat elimination so important for weight loss?

In addition to saturating and low in calories, eliminating carbohydrates will cause the body to draw energy from an alternative source - fat stored. This way, the loss of excess pounds will occur sooner than you expect.

It is also necessary to eat one to two teaspoons of oat bran every day, depending on which stage you are in.   

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