Loyalty program

Thanks to the Natural Nutrition loyalty program, we reward every loyal customer who has registered with us with loyalty points. For every full Euro spent in our e-shop, we reward customers with loyalty points worth 1% of the purchase.

The obtained loyalty points can then be used by customers in the form of a discount for the next order. Thus, you can save EVEN MORE when regularly purchasing from us!

An example of the benefits of the Natural Nutrition loyalty program for the customer Joe Biceps:
Joe registers in the namaximum.com e-shop on May 3 and will gradually make 4 orders, on May 3 he buys for € 44, on May 29 he makes purchase for € 123, on June 29 his purchase is in the amount of€ 86 and on August 17 it is € 65. Points will therefore be credited to his account as follows:
May 3: 0,44€ for the purchase 44€
May 29: 1,23€ for the purchase 123€June 29: 0,86€ for the purchase 86€

August 17: 0,65€ for the purchase 65€ 

Altogether, Mr Biceps gets a discount of 3,18€ in about 3 months.

On 15 September, Joe Biceps decides to place an order for € 74 and opts to redeem the points collected in the last 3 months. Instead of € 74, however, he pays only € 70.82, as he claims his discount of € 3.18 for loyalty points. In addition, for a new order, he receives extra points worth € 0.74, which can be used as another discount in the future. 

Joe Biceps thus buys at the best prices in Slovakia and saves a lot thanks to our loyalty program. Buy quality at a good price and save yourself!